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Brazilain artist Narcelio Grud uses food waste to make a bold statement. The project “Tropical Hungry” was created using food collected from markets, which was then separated by color and used as a sort of paint to create the wall mural. Like other food waste art, this piece is a bit morbid and unsettling as it confronts the viewer with a grotesque image of waste.

Another artist is working with wasted bread to capture the attention of passersby and call attention to the massive food wasting. Markus Jeschaunig created the piece “Arc de Triomphe” from stale bread, metal, wood, and concrete to create a replica of its namesake. The installation was displayed at the “street gallery-Lendwirbel Festival 2012” in Graz, Austria where it won the “Environmental Award of the City of Graz”. The arch is typically thought of as a monument to victory and glory, but in this context it pays a twisted homage to the excess and waste of civilization.

At least this kid knows bread is food not waste!


Wasted food art

Food waste may not sound like the most beautiful thing, and it’s not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not turning heads in the art world.


Dimitri Tsykalov’s macabre fruit and vegetable skull carvings show a gruesome picture of  unwanted food.


Another art piece inspired by the excessive food waste in society is these baguette tables created by Studio Rygalik for the event the  “Bread Experience”.  The aim of this project was to create discussion around food waste.

Food Art Against Food Waste: Bread Tables By Studio Rygalik

Another group of artists, the New Glue Society, created perhaps an even more politically minded piece. Their installation, ” More Than Ten Items Or Less”  at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas, consisted of a produce shop displaying the average food waste of an Australian household. the fruit was displayed as a normal shop, but was left untouched and rotting over the course of a week. The piece caused some controversy, which was the point, confronting  and disturbing viewers with the reality of their own waste.


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