Eating Your Neighbours’ Leftovers

While perusing the Food Network website in search of recipes, an article on the side bar caught my eye: “Would You Eat Leftovers from a Stranger?”  I was surprised to see the topic of leftovers being tackled on this site. The post features the German food-sharing site, which was started by the film maker Valentin Thurn of Taste the Waste. The Food Network article ended with a poll showing that about 25% of readers would use a food sharing website.  If you are part of the 25% (I’d like to think there’s more!)  and looking for ways to reduce your food waste, check out for a food sharing app (Android and web versions are still in the works).

Are you willing to share your food, and/ or eat leftovers from others? It may seem inconvenient at first, but once you’ve made connections with people interested in sharing it becomes easy and normal. When my friend down the street or I end up with too much food from the garden/ dumpster/store we leave it on the other’s porch and send a “heads up” text. Start doing research on what you can do with your leftovers: there are people who want and need food, so why let it go to waste?

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