Food waste then and now

Can you imagine coming across posters like this today?

Waste No Food

It seems strange to see government advertisements strongly promoting food waste reduction by eating less, canning, growing your own food, feeding waste to animals, etc. While today’s proponents of food waste reduction may be supporting these actions due to environmental leanings rather than frugality or support for the war effort, the message is very much still the same. And the though we may not be saving food for an army, people go hungry today while others overeat and throw away good food. Like the wartime posters say, reducing our waste saves money and leaves food for others to eat, while also reducing the amount of greenhouse gases being released through the production, processing, transport and disposal of food that is eventually wasted.


Food waste is beginning to reappear on contemporary agendas, and with the effort to reduce waste have come more creative posters:

Love Food Hate Waste poster

Check out more fun vintage and contemporary food posters:


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