Results from Guelph Food Waste Study

This is a newsletter highlighting some of the important findings from the Guelph Food Waste research.  More detailed analysis will be forthcoming soon.

Guelph Food Waste Project newsletter final


One thought on “Results from Guelph Food Waste Study

  1. I think it would be a very good idea if grocery stores had a section for seniors – where they could buy half a cauliflower, cabbage, or smaller amounts of food. The details are too specific for me to mention here. I am a senior and, if I buy a cauliflower, for example, half of it will be thrown away because it goes bad before I can eat all of it. Also, companies such as Campbells, should produce smaller cans of their products – it seems as if they just cater to [large] families most of the time! In a nutshell, my message is: seniors, especially single ones, need smaller amounts of food and should be able to buy them so that they don’t waste what they have bought.

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